Zadar is a remarkable city of diverse history, full of known and somewhat lesser known facts and curiosities. We bet you didn't know about some of them, so here is some insight into this ancient city.


  •  the city of Zadar has the first Sea Organ in the world. It produces sounds using only the power of wind and sea waves;


  • Zadar has a shockingly long history of more than 3.000 years, and much of it still on display around town. A walk through town is a walk through time, from the Romans to the Middle Ages and the more recent and turbulent history of the 20th century;


  • that Zadar has the oldest Gothic church in Dalmatia, the church and monastery of St Francis built in 1221;



  • The biggest island is Kornat and the whole archipelago was named after it. Furthermore, this archipelago is 70 nm long, and 18,8 nm wide and there are four island chains divided in two groups.
  • In 1980 large part of these islands became a national park in order to protect its natural beauty, rich underwater flora and fauna and its cultural values. 
  • there is also no running water or electrical energy supply in National Park. Solar panels and generators secure the electrical energy, cisterns gather water (rainfall). For those with greater needs – water carriers transport larger amount of water.